Footing Sizes

The following are recommended engineered footing sizes.

  • If the wall is in a high wind are, on a boundary, sloping site etc an engineers report or council approval or soil samples may need to be done.
  • Block sizes – 500w x 350h x 200d
  • Capper sizes – 1000 long x 260d x 50 thick

Wall Requirements

1 block 100mm rubble footing
2 blocks 250 x 250 footing, 1 x Y10 rod
3 blocks 350 x 350 footing, 2 x Y10 rod
4 blocks 400 x 450deep footing, 2 x Y12 top, 2 x Y12 bottom
5-7 blocks 400 x 600deep footing, 3 x Y12 top, 3 x Y12 bottom

All walls are to be capped

  • If retaining soil – use drainage behind wall and corefill entire wall
  • Every 2m bring 1 vertical Y16 up through the blocks and corefill over the rod
  • 50mm of concrete coverage over all rods required
  • Mortar mix – 3 golden grove plasterers sand to 1 brighton lite cement

Note: These footing sizes are only a guide. Each installation should be engineered and all legalities and approvals must be undertaken if applicable. Quantum Stone takes no responsibility or liability in regard to these footing sizes being used and indemnifies itself of the same.